New FCP WestWorld Barns - Interview

Bridle & Bit Interview – New FCP WestWorld Barns

Bridle & Bit Magazine interview with Cheryl Spangler / FCP Barns March 2024

Q – When FCP heard of the opportunity to be part of building the new barns at WestWorld, that must have been exciting. How did it make you as the CEO of FCP Barns feel
A – “From the onset, we at FCP Barns have always prided ourselves on delivering innovative, high-quality, durable barn and building solutions. Knowing that the City of Scottsdale, along with the WestWorld team and their construction management group, recognized our dedication to excellence and considered us a strong candidate for such a significant project made us feel incredibly honored.”

Q – Why do you think FCP barns was chosen for the WestWorld project?
A – “Ultimately, I believe FCP was chosen because of our long history of dedication to safety, durability, and our unwavering commitment to customer service. Our structures feature industry-leading safety features like lifetime kick-thru and chew-thru warranties, that reduce the risk of animal injury. Our barns are made of fire-resistant materials for added protection and peace of mind. FCP barns are crafted for longevity, meeting equestrian needs, and proudly made in the USA since 1982. Despite these premium features, they offer great value, making them a smart choice for the WestWorld project.”

Q – What was it like to work with the City of Scottsdale and the WestWorld team?
A – “Collaborating with the City of Scottsdale and the WestWorld team proved to be a highly fulfilling endeavor, marked by a strong dedication to excellence and community involvement. Coffman Barns, our dealer, took charge of managing the FCP approved construction team and handled interactions with WestWorld on our behalf. The flawless manufacturing and installation of the barns, free of any complications, showcase the meticulousness and professionalism demonstrated by all team members, and that partnership sets the stage for future collaborations.

Q – Seeing the new barns in use at the Scottsdale Arabian Show this year must have been exciting?
A – “Witnessing the positive reactions to the new FCP barns at the Scottsdale Arabian Show highlighted the upgrade’s success. The new facilities were commended for their superior cleanliness, brightness, and solid construction, which validates our commitment to America’s “Best-Built” barns and buildings.”

Q – Meeting with Scottsdale Mayor, David Ortega while walking the showgrounds, was memorable. What feedback did you get?
A – “The interaction with Mayor David Ortega was highly encouraging. He not only showed a keen interest in our project but also expressed admiration for our approach and the potential impact on
the community. His enthusiasm towards fostering a strong partnership was clear, and he sees significant value in our efforts to enhance local development. Mayor Ortega’s support and constructive feedback provide a robust foundation for future engagements and pave the way for collaborative growth.

Our sincere thanks to Bridle & Bit Magazine for the interview.

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New FCP WestWorld Barns at a Glance:

  • Approximately 120′ x 80’ RCA Barn Facility
  • Double 9’ High x 16′ Breezeways
  • Forty-eight 10’x12′ Stalls with Rear Sliding Solid Windows on Outer Walls
  • Closed lower Eave for Winter
  • Open Upper RCA for Warmer Temps
  • Custom RCA Screens

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