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FCP Custom Commercial Facilities Contractor Services

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FCP Custom Steel Buildings

Commercial Facilities by FCP

Commercial Facilities – With over 4 decades of experience, we’ve built some of the most challenging commercial facilities spanning a multitude of industries. At FCP, we love a challenge and we welcome large, unique custom building projects. As a CA-licensed contractor, we have the ability to effectively implement each facility’s master plan and work with project planners, architects, and building contractors to keep large projects, on schedule, within operating requirements, and on budget. Contact us to discuss your Commercial Facility project.

Commercial Facilities – We Do The Unusual

Commercial Facilities -Solid construction, durability, service, and top-of-the-line materials are what the FCP brand is known for. Because of our vast experience, custom manufacturing capabilities, and endless construction materials, we can customize your commercial or industrial building to meet your requirements. Plus, with our talented staff of engineers and steel artisans, FCP is one of the very few that can also provide custom steel architectural structures. One-stop convenience you’ll surely appreciate. Here are just some of our custom projects.

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  • Equestrian, AG Facilities
  • Large Covered Arenas
  • Commercial, Industrial
  • Manufacturing Buildings
  • Storage, Warehousing
  • Government & Defense
  • Mixed-Use Retail
  • Zoo, Safari Exhibits
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Let’s Build Something Great Together!

FCP – We build the unusual! FCP can incorporate premium materials to customize your zoo or wild animal project, from colors and roofing materials to numerous construction alternatives. For over 40 years, we’ve been in the field designing client-specific solutions that are engineered to make everyday tasks easier. Let’s build something GREAT together. Contact us to start a conversation.

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Since 1982, the FCP brand has continually set the standards for manufacturing the finest US quality barns, metal, and steel building structures. Made in the USA, FCP is your ONE-STOP design and construction solution. We love a challenge and welcome projects of all sizes, so if you’re looking for America’s best-built Metal and Steel Building Structures, then you’ve come to the right place.