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FCP Shedrow Barns (Inline Barns)

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Shedrow Barns by FCP

FCP’s Shedrow barns, or Inline Barns, provide a traditional gabled roofline with a generous protective overhang to the front of the structure. These barns are an excellent choice for areas with space limitations and provide the most natural ventilation for warm climates.

Shedrow barns are the perfect economical horse housing solution. Because of our modular technology, your shedrow can be from 1 stall to 100, or as many as you need. Shedrow barns can be designed in “U”, “L” or “H” configurations, as well as back-to-back designs. Contact us and we’ll help you design the perfect Shedrow Barn for your needs.

Floor Plan Considerations for FCP Shedrow Barns

FCP can design your Shedrow Barn to meet all your requirements. Consider these popular floor plan options.

  • Standard – 12′ and 16′
  • Ask about custom size possibilities

Standard Stall Sizes:

  • Standard – 12′ x 12′
  • Large, Stallion – 16′ x 12′, 12′ x 16′, and 16′ x 16′
  • Pony or other livestock – 8′ (wide) x 12′ (deep), and 8′ (wide) x 16′ (deep)

Rear Stall Door and Window Options:

  • Doors – Solid, Dutch, Dutch with Grill, Dutch with Yoke
  • Windows – Solid Shutter, Grill, Yoke

Popular floor plan options:

  • Tack Rooms
  • Hay, Feed, and Equipment Storage Rooms
  • Office
  • Open Storage or AG Equipment Bay
  • Wash/Grooming Bays

Refer to Step 2 Barn Options for the following:

  • Interior Wall Options
  • Exterior Wall Options
  • Stall Fronts
  • Divider Walls
  • Doors, Windows, and Grills
  • Roof Pitch Options
  • Cupolas
  • Porches and Overhangs
  • Color Options

For cross breezeway and other customization, be sure to visit our “Custom Barns” page for examples, or ask us about special requests.

Example Floor Plan – Click to Enlarge

FCP Shedrow Floor Plan Example

Shedrow Barns Inspiration Gallery

Economical Horse Housing | Excellent Ventilation

Shedrow Barns also feature a porch overhang, which is ideal for optimizing your work area and provides run-in shelter for horses and barn animals. Inline, “U”, “L”, “H”, or back-to-back designs are available to meet your design requirements or to fit space limitations. Take a look at just some of our Shedrow Barn projects that customers and equestrian facilities have entrusted FCP to build.

Click to Enlarge

FCP Manufacturing Benefits
  • Top safety features – kick/chew proof, fire resistant
  • Heavy wind and snow load safe – Higher load engineering available
  • Engineered to last a lifetime, backed by industry leading warranty
  • Unlimited options – materials, color options
  • Complete your barn with FCP accessories
  • Brand recognition – FCP, the brand professionals trust
Shedrow Barns Top Features
  • Economical horse housing
  • Provides the most natural ventilation for warm climates
  • Cantilever and posted overhangs
  • 8′ and 12′ porch overhangs, custom sizes available
  • 3/12 to 6/12 roof pitch
  • Completely customizable to meet your design requirements

Complete Your Barn, Step 2 Choose Barn Options

With so many colors and options, we’re only limited by your imagination!

Explore color options, choose your stall front style, wall & divider options. Explore optional rear stall doors, windows, porch overhangs, cupolas, and much more… see all FCP Barn options.

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