FCP Horse Barn Renovation Project After

Horse Barn Renovation Project

Coffman Barns (FCP Dealer)

Scottsdale Arizona – Equine Facility Horse Barn Renovation Project Project Example

Coffman Barns, an authorized FCP dealer, completed this horse barn renovation project with FCP modular stall kits and barn wall components. See the amazing before and after pictures and video.

Coffman Barns provided the tear-out and installation of the new horse barn renovation project parts, as well as other 3rd party accessories and services. This horse barn renovation project transformed a rusting, leaking, and decaying barn (from another manufacturer) into a beautifully renovated facility. See the before and after images.

FCP Horse Barn Restoration Project Components (Click on each to learn more)



Our sincere thanks to the facility owners and Coffman Barns (FCP Dealer).

Whether it is a large equestrian facility like this horse barn renovation project, or a small barn, Coffman Barns, and FCP branded manufacturing, has the perfect workflow solution for you.

Horse Barn Restoration Project, by Coffman Barns, at a Glance:

  • Replaced all equine walls. Repainted all others.
  • Replaced all gutters, downspouts, roof trim, and facia.
  • Replaced all parts of the roof that were rusting and leaking.
  • Replaced breezeway swinging doors that were sagging and falling off with new properly engineered sliding doors.
  • Replaced rear stall doors with unique double track doors (Grill door and shutter) that provide individual access and ventilation control.
  • Renovated the apartment, lounge, and the tack room.
  • Replaced and/or added new stall fans and breezeway fans for ventilation and temperature control.
  • Custom adjustable tack boards

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