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Texas Barn Kits by FCP

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FCP Texas Barn Kits and Building Kits

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Texas Barn Kits by FCP

Texas Barn Kits – FCP barn kits are the same as any other FCP barn, the “Best-Built” brand that professionals trust… a barn that’s built to last. FCP modular Texas barn kits are pre-engineered, prefabricated, and made-in-the-USA. Backed by FCP’s leading industry warranty. Whether you need 1 stall or 100, FCP can design a barn kit that meets your requirements. See some of our popular horse barn plans.

Looking to add a hay building or equipment storage? FCP can provide everything you need and match it to existing or new construction. 

Call us today and let us help you design the perfect barn kit for you.

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Texas Barn Kits Idea Gallery

Custom Design, Engineering, Prefabrication, Kitting, and Delivery

Texas Barn Kits – Whether you need a 1 stall barn, horse housing for a large equestrian facility, FCP can design a modular barn kit that fits your needs and your budget. Explore all barn styles for more inspiration.

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FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

FCP Barn Kits

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Texas Barn Kit Details

Barn Kit Styles

Kit Design & Engineering

Already have a design in mind? Then let our team convert your idea into reality. You choose the style, size, colors, and options that fit your needs, and FCP does the rest.

Not sure where to start? We can design a barn or building to fit your property space, climate, and lifestyle. Our design team can help you create a custom barn kit to house your horses as well as ensure it meets all your functionality needs. Add a tack room, feed storage, wash/groom bays, and everything you need to have the barn of your dreams.

FCP Manufacturing

Manufactured right here in the USA with American labor since 1982, FCP modular, prefabricated barn kits are designed and engineered to the highest “Best-Built” FCP standards.

FCP barn kits take the hassle out of many traditional building issues such as material waste, weather delays, theft, damage, and more. An FCP barn kit can save time, field labor, and most of all… money!


After FCP Barn and Building kits are manufactured and quality control tested, they’re kitted and delivered to your building site ready for assembly.

Delivery Check List

  • Plenty of space for our semi-truck(s) is required
  • A forklift is required to unload
  • Suitable ground conditions for delivery truck and forklift to operate


FCP Barn and Building kits are prefabricated, modular components. They can even be disassembled and moved. Proper footings are required for installation. Be sure to check the local building code and permit requirements. FCP provides all engineered plan sets and submittals for permitting. Ask about professional FCP installation.


All FCP Barns Feature:

  • Kick and chew-proof wall panels
  • Fire-resistant steel construction
  • Low maintenance/easy cleaning
  • Standard high wind and snow load engineering (FCP can customize for extreme climates)
  • Brand confidence – Made in the USA since 1982

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FCP Barn Kits

Custom Design, Engineering, Prefabrication, Kitting, Delivery, and Installation Solutions.​

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With so many colors and options, we’re only limited by your imagination!

Explore color options, choose your stall front style, wall & divider options. Explore optional rear stall doors, windows, porch overhangs, cupolas, and much more… see all FCP Barn options.

Color Options

Stall Fronts

Interior Walls

Stall Dividers

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FCP Texas Barn Kit Solutions

Since 1982, the FCP brand has continually set the standards for providing the finest US quality for the most demanding barns and agriculture buildings. Made in the USA, FCP is your ONE-STOP design and construction solution. We love a challenge and welcome projects of all sizes, so if you’re looking for America’s best-built barns and buildings, then you’ve come to the right place.

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