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Horse Barns – Unlimited Configurations, Unsurpassed Quality. The horse barn of your dreams….you know what it looks like, how you feel when you walk into your barn. The smell of fresh shavings in your new stalls just waiting for your horses. The tack room is organized just like you like it. At FCP, we help you bring your barn design ideas to life. Our pre-engineered modular building system gives you the flexibility to adjust dimensions, move walls, select roof pitches, breezeway widths, overhang sizes, and stall dimensions. 

Whether you need one stall or a hundred, the best designer for your new barn is you, and with so many options, our only limitation is your imagination. No matter the size, we love a challenge. Let our expert design team shape your ideas into the barn of your dreams.

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Explore FCP barn styles, custom barns, equestrian centers, and barn kits. Please select a barn style below.

RCA Horse Barns

RCA Horse Barns

Raised Center Aisle (RCA) horse barns are the most popular design with today’s horse owners. This traditional look with superior ventilation and lighting provides a healthy environment for your horses.

Explore RCA Barns

Gable Horse Barns

Gable Horse Barns

The Gable barn is as attractive is it is functional. With its classic A-framed roofline, it is a great choice for both warm and cold weather climates providing your horse’s safety and protection from the elements.

Explore Gable Barns

Shedrow Horse Barns

Shedrow Horse Barns

Shedrow barns offer excellent ventilation and are ideal for warm weather climates. This style can be designed as an “L” or “U” shaped, or back-to-back utilizing, with a variety of overhangs options that provide run-in shelter.

Explore Shedrow Barns

Miniature Horse Barns

Miniature Horse Barns

From pot belly pigs to miniature ponies, the versatility of FCP miniature horse barn products allows for the adaptability in accommodating all types of small livestock.

Explore Miniature Horse Barns

Custom Horse Barns

Custom Horse Barns

No matter if you’re a horse owner, equestrian industry professional, or commercial, we know what it takes to bring your vision to life and are excited to work with you from concept to completion.

Explore Custom Barns

Barn Kits

Barn Kits

Take the hassle out of traditional building issues like material waste, weather delays, building site disturbance, and theft. FCP prefab barn kits are tested, quality control checked, kitted, and delivered saving you hours of field labor.

Explore Barn Kits

The FCP Difference

Keeping Horses Healthy, Safe, and Comfortable – It’s What We Do!

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Safety Features

FCP modular, prefabricated horse barns are kick-proof, chew-proof, fire-resistant, won’t harbor bacteria that can cause disease, low maintenance, and are backed by FCP’s industry-leading warranty. Keeping horses safe, healthy, and comfortable is what we do.

Health and Safety Features

FCP Horse Barns Health and Safety
FCP Durability
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Durability – Built to Last

FCP barns are engineered to withstand not only the punishment of extreme wind and heavy snow environments, but also to withstand the tremendous punishment that horses can have on barn walls and doors. FCP metal structures are manufactured using the highest grade materials in the industry.

Material Specifications

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FCP Brand Reputation

Constructed with attention to detail, the FCP Horse brand stands for quality. Backed with the experience of some of the most demanding projects, we’ve earned the reputation as America’s “Best-Built” horse barns and buildings manufacturer. Made right here in the USA since 1982.

The FCP Advantage

FCP RCA Horse Barns

America’s “Best Built” Horse Barns

Made in the USA

Since 1982, FCP has been an industry leader in Creative Steel Solutions. From the most demanding Barns, Equestrian Facilities, AG Buildings, and Industrial Metal Buildings, we love a challenge and welcome projects of all sizes, so if you’re looking for America’s best-built barns and buildings, then you’ve come to the right place.

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